The Art Park Presents;

Poetry Project Heart's Loop

10 poems of love by 10 eminent poets

Poetry Project Hearts Loop An Exhibition At The Art Park

Launched on Valentine's Day 2012, 'Hearts Loop' considers the allotropes of love through 10 poems written by eminent writers from the 1800’s to present.

The selected poems are each projected with visuals designed by motion graphic team Noho. Featured works are by Emily Dickinson, W.B.Yeats, Rudyard Kipling, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, D.H. Lawrence, Robert Frost, Patrick Kavanagh, Fleur Adcock and John Montague. The projection looks at the cycle of love that encompasses lovers, children, family, friends, place, animals and spirituality through all the associated and varied emotions. The project will put particular emphasis on poems that are included in the Leaving Certificate curriculum for 2011/2012 and runs in a 15-minute loop.