Come Dance With Me....Yeats - A Golden Dance

Come Dance with Me

Currently projecting at the Art Park is 'Come Dance With Me....Yeats - A Golden Dance' ... a homage to both the evolution of contemporary modern dance in Ireland and to the 150th anniversary of the birth of W.B Yeats. This visual projection traces the 1927 establishment of the Abbey Theatre School of Ballet and the Abbey Ballets by Ninette de Valois, the Irish School of Dance Art in 1939 by Erina Brady and the 1978 founding of the Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre. Following in the steps of these early dance company pioneers 'Come Dance With Me ....' also features works by W.B.Yeats in addition to images from Irish contemporary dance production companies that include John Scott's Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre of Ireland, CoisCeim Dance Theatre, the Liz Roche Dance Company, Junk Ensemble and the Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre, all of whom now regularly feature on both national and international stages 'Come Dance with Me .. Yeats .. A Golden Dance' derives its inspiration from 'Bastard Amber', a major new work by leading Irish choreographer Liz Roche that is partially inspired by W.B. Yeats' poem Sailing to Byzantium and the meditative golden paintings of the late Patrick Scott.

Bastard Amber features both at the Dublin Dance Festival and the Kilkenny Arts Festival 2015.
Projection runs from 10pm to midnight

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