The Art Park Presents;

The Docklands,
An Urban Visual Voyage

The Docklands Dublin An Urban Visual Voyage The Art Park

The video projection of ‘An Urban Voyage’ is a visual projection homage to the book Dublin Docklands – An urban voyage written by award winning author, Turtle Bunbury.

Originally commissioned by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority, this comprehensive, illustrated and beautiful book by was published in 2009. It charts the evolution of an area of 1,300 acres bordered by Clontarf to the north, the Irish Sea on the east, Ballsbridge and Pearse Street to the south and Amiens Street to the west.

The Dublin docklands, like much of Victorian Dublin itself, have now given way to towers of glass and steel, the national conference centre, the Sean O’Casey Bridge (and now, the Samuel Beckett Bridge), sophisticated restaurants and bars, boutique hotels, theatres, galleries and what amounts to almost a whole new city beyond Butt Bridge.

Turtle Bunbury’s Dublin Docklands: An Urban Voyage is a magnificent reminder of what was there before, and the stories attaching to the campshires (the spaces between roads and water), wharves and warehouses. It reaches back into the past, charts the present-day development, and looks to the future. Full of stories, anecdotes and personalities, with lavish illustrations, it makes for enlightening and rewarding reading.

We highly recommend reading this book that can be viewed online at Turtle Bunbury's website. The Dublin Docklands – An Urban Visual Voyage is an edited visual journey of this excellent, entertaining and informative book.

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